People-Centric, Innovation-Driven

At MicroPort® we believe we can improve human life through the application of innovative science and continually work to develop leading technologies in collaboration with physicians and societies to prolong and reshape patients' lives.

Over 10,000

hospitals covered globally


products launched

Over 6,000

employees from over 30 countries

The Patient Always Comes First.

At MicroPort® we firmly believe that every person has the right to high quality medical treatments and to live longer and healthier lives. That is why we constantly seek partnerships and to foster innovation to transform medical treatment.

Clinical Solutions

Better outcomes, faster recovery


Patient Care

Supporting patients at every stage along their journey


Innovation Windows

Constantly seeking to develop transformative innovations 


Leading Total Medical Solutions Provider

At MicroPort® innovation is present in everything we do¸ not only in the treatments and services we develop but also in the way we foster innovation. MicroPort® is a consortium of subsidiaries closely collaborating together, sharing resources and expertise yet retaining the independence and agility to innovate. Currently, MicroPort® is focused in covering 10 major areas with various subsidiaries and over 300 devices and technologies.

MicroPort® Global

On top of its headquarters in ZJ Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, MicroPort® has established a global footprint of Research and Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities, including locations in the United States (Memphis, TN), France (Clamart), Italy, (Saluggia), the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), and various cities across China, with a diverse global workforce that exceeds 6,000 employees.